January 2020

GeekGear Searches For Artists

Normally I'm not a fan of anyone telling me I need to sell something I'm doing or making. Most people who make any kind of art already know if they'd like to do it as a personal project or for money already, and some people would honestly be unhappy combining business with pleasure. That's okay! But some people do really enjoy it so I thought I'd share this opportunity from GeekGear

Pop Culture Detective is Must-See YouTube TV

Recently my teen and I stumbled upon a YouTube channel called Pop Culture Detective, which analyzes pop culture, especially in regards toxic masculinity and misogyny. While I'm pretty much in love with it and think it should be mandatory viewing for basically everyone (but for people who watch a lot of movies/TV and play a lot of games in particular), I have to let you know that you may hate your favorites, even just a little, after you've watched some of these videos.

Nuclear Weapons 715 - Survey of Millennials Finds That Half Fear World War III In Their Lifetime

     I grew up during the Cold War between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. We hid under our desks for nuclear attack drills. I had a terrible dream that our town had been destroyed in a nuclear blast that left only ashes. When the Cold War ended, many people thought that the world would leave the nuclear madness behind.

Save Medicaid

Here are a few ways you can take action for a more progressive nation this week:

Senate leaders want to make it a requirement for people who receive Medicaid to complete "busy work" in order to receive benefits, which ultimately hurts people who are laid off, work in seasonal jobs or are otherwise affected in ways the Senate obviously is disregarding. Click here to tell them that we don't want this requirement.

Family Guy Censorship Controversy

Why is it that the female nipple is so much more controversial than the male nipple? And why is it that male anatomy is okay to mention on TV, yet female anatomy is censored? Family Guy couldn't get away with mentioning a very normal piece of anatomy that half the population has, so they made up their own word for it on the show to use. Now that the word has made it to Urban Dictionary as a slang term, the show's been censored once again... from using its own made-up word. 

Actions To Take In Under A Minute

Looking for a way to take some quick action on your lunch break today? Click through these petitions to share your voice and to speak up for those who can't for themselves.

End Factory Farming: The Farm System Reform Act is set to ban CAFOs, phasing out inhumane factory farms that not only hurt animals but also engage in unhealthy practices for those who eat them. Click here to learn more and to write your senators.

Grateful Dead & Rolling Stones Cover Bands In Seattle

Fans are raving about the Grateful Dead and Rolling Stones cover bands, the Infamous Stringdusters and the Yonder Mountain String Cover Band, playing in Seattle over the weekend. What's so fun about the bands isn't that they cover all of our favorites (and some more obscure titles), but that they share the stage during each set to play together, too.

Alpha Tau Medical Is Marketing New Radiation Therapy for Cancer Called ALPHA Dart

      Radium is a chemical element with the symbol Ra and atomic number of 88. It is a naturally occurring alkaline earth metal. It is formed by the radioactive decay of uranium and thorium which are found in many compounds in the environment. All thirty-three isotopes of radium are highly radioactive. The only use for radium is in medical treatments for cancer.