January 2020

Russia Plans For A New Unmanned Strategic Nuclear Bomber

Russian Tupulov-95b.jpg

Russian Tupulov-95 strategic nuclear bomber:

     There have been many different types of nuclear weapons and nuclear delivery systems designed and constructed since World War II. There are intercontinental ballistic missiles, nuclear tipped cruise missiles, submarine launched nuclear missiles, smart nuclear bombs to be carried and dropped by bombers.

Best Things To Buy In January

We talked about several great New Year's deals, from Bath and Body's semiannual sale to Yankee Candle's sale, but there are also just general things you should try to buy in January when they are often the cheapest you'll find them during the year. 

Did you know that it's a good idea to order furniture in January? It's often released on the floor in February, so you can sometimes get a better deal with a preorder or by ordering online beforehand. 

The Trail Of Death Behind Almond Milk

Here at Good Drinking, many of the recipes we've shared over the years feature almond milk. I LOVE almond milk. I live a keto lifestyle and use it for a lot of things, especially when I don't want the calories of coconut milk (which I do enjoy more). Unfortunately almond milk is costing too heavy a price on our environment and I'm going to have to say goodbye to it as a result.