January 2020

Human Composting Is Coming

Ever since I saw the scene from Agents of SHIELD where Fitz and Simmons discussed returning to the ocean when you die, I've felt like that's what I want to do, too. I don't like the idea of coffins, and while I thought having myself cremated and poured into the ocean, which is one of the things I love most on Earth anyway, would be nice, I couldn't help but think about the importance of our bodies naturally decaying the way they're meant to do. Yeah, it's morbid, but it's true, although we could argue that many of us have too much junk in our bodies to want to give it back to nature!

1980 vs. 2020

Born in the early 80s, I couldn't remember 1980 itself if I wanted to, but I do remember how different my childhood was from the childhoods of today's youth. In many ways, today's youth have it much better; I don't think leaving your young kids parked in a car for a long time is great for them, especially when it's near the woods or outside a bar and they're terrified about what could happen and wonder where you've gone.

Murder-Suicide Isn't Romantic

When I read this story about a man who murdered his wife, then himself, after she got Alzheimer's and was too difficult to care for, I didn't feel misty-eyed like some readers. I was furious. We should live in a society that values people, no matter their abilities, and provides a safety net for care when a caregiver can't bear the burden. We should always have plans in place for people who need it.

Sweet Herby Drinks

When we hear the word herbaceous, we often assume it means that something will be savory and not sweet at all. I've been learning the opposite through exploring different indie perfume companies and now I've learned that herb-infused drinks can be pretty sweet, too!

The Best Homemade Shake

When my kiddo's friend mentioned that they like to use Halloween candy bars in their shakes, all I could think of was... hot dog! Why didn't we ever think to do that? It's quite delicious, of course, and it got me thinking... what other wild things could we do with shakes at home? You see lots of over-the-top ones in restaurants lately, but what about home?

Dragon Times

I've been hearing some great things about Dragon Times, a math game that you can play with just two people. I'm always on the lookout for two player games since my kiddo and I are often the ones playing, and this one is a medieval fantasy card game. What's not to love?

Best Cover Bands of 2020

Now that it's a new year, a new season of concerts to enjoy is upon us and with that comes all of the many Grateful Dead cover bands! Every area has their favorites, from newcomers to old hometown staples, and I'd love to hear what's playing where you are.

If you're looking, you can always find some here, but not every band is listed. That's why it's a great idea to spread the word and be sure that your favorite bands are listed and get plenty of good exposure to attract more fans.

Bookstore Cafes

This post about bookstore cafes is really inspiring. It's not about a cafe found in your bookstore, but an actual cafe that gives you a book to read based on what you want to read in that moment. Alongside your beverages and snacks, the barista also gives you a book when you describe what kind of book you want to read.